We're having fun now!

Hi, I'm Charlie, I have forever loved to work with wood. My first major tool of a radial arm saw was given to me by my dad when I was 15 years old. The first thing I built with the saw was a roll top bread box that I gave to my mother. That was the good old days... Growing up in Pennsylvania around all the Amish built furniture gave such an appreciation for the beauty of wood and I always knew that I wanted to do woodworking professionally some day,

Fast forward...having a successful career as an Engineer, IT Professional and Executive Leadership, my wife (Jo namesake of Jo's Wood Gallery) and I started this business back in 2000 as a side business with the intent to be our little retirement thing to enjoy and have fun making wood items. My wife, which is also an Engineer and Designer has been patiently waiting for me to join forces with her in running the business...

Well, we did it and we love it... We learned a lot in our professional lives and now use that knowledge everyday to run our business. We don't think we slowed down but we're certainly are now living on our terms and enjoying making customers smile with the products we design and build. We really are having fun now! We'd love to make you smile... Give us a shout.

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